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Termix Price Group 4 Evolution Round Brush

Professionals trust Termix’ quality

Use the round Termix Evolution brush to dry hair in shorter time than normal. The teflon surface conducts heat 30% better than a ceramic surface. The square air holes expand the drying area.

Hygienic and hard-wearing.

Termix Evolution is hygienic and easy to clean. Teflon repels styling products to prevent them from burning to the brush. The antistatic nylon bristles are the most resistant on the market (180°C). The brush and handle are joined through heat pressing.

Comfortable to use

The brush sits well in the hand due to its ergonomic design and is easy and comfortable to work with. The Termix brush works best with a diffuser, which makes the hair wrap around the brush by itself.

Wide assortment

Our assortment contains brushes of different sizes for all lengths and purposes. The Termix Evolution Soft brush is designed for delicate and fine hair. The brush’s thin ionised nylon bristles prevent hair breakage. Termix Evolution for normal hair offers a good hold of thicker hair as well.

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Hairmail Care
Aluminium foil Silver 12cmx100m


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