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Kashoki Hourglass Styling round brush 25mm

For short hair styling

The Timeless Beauty Brushes are created with the intention of making hair styling not only effective, but also a pleasurable experience. Elegant timeless design, combination of classic gold and black color as well as attention to the smallest detail and excellent craftsmanship make these brushes exceptional. 

  • Ceramic barrels ensure even heat distribution and are resistant to high temperatures up to 220°C,
  • Specially designed hourglass shape reaches the scalp effectively and lifts hair up at the base,
  • Ionic properties facilitate cuticle hydration, eliminate frizz and provide more shine and smoothness,
  • The vent holes optimize airflow during drying to speed up the styling process,
  • Antistatic features eliminate electricity charge for effective cuticle closure,
  • Waved bristles grasp hair better and reduce styling time,
  • The rubberized, non-slip handle provides a firm grip and high comfort of use during styling.
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