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Kashoki Essential Beauty round brush 52mm

Vented Round Brush

The Essential Beauty series was created to effectively style even thick and long hair to achieve the desired volumizing results. The brushes are equipped with ceramic vented barrels which makes them effective and safe for hair. Wooden, ergonomic handles add a touch of elegance provided by nature. The brushes are well balanced and, as a result, using them is an enjoyable experience. 

  • Vented barrel ensures good airflow for effective and faster styling,
  • Ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly and protects hair from overheating,
  • Widely spaced bristles separate hair well for even faster drying,
  • Ionized nylon bristles reduce frizziness for a smooth finish,
  • Brushes are equipped with ergonomic handles and are well balanced

BARREL: Specially designed vented barrel ensures good airflow to dry and style hair quickly. Ceramic coating guarantees even heat conduction and protects hair from overheating.

BRISTLES: Two types of bristles complement each other’s features to simplify styling and deliver smooth finish. Natural boar bristles close hair cuticles to provide subtle shine. Nylon bristles ensure gentle detangling of even thicker hair.

HANDLE: Ergonomic handle is made of long-lasting beechwood, with an elegant, matt finish.

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