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Aura Razor Shaving Tool

Shaving tool for versatile contouring

Aura Razor is a pen-shaped knife suitable for styling hairlines, beards, moustaches and eyebrows. Aura Razor makes it easy to create precise patterns and hair tattoos. Aura Razor’s design makes it handy to use. Even the most delicate lines are easy to do with free-hand technique. Working with Aura Razor is just like using a pen with a narrow blade. The blade cuts smoothly and precisely, just as if you were drawing a line on a paper!

Aura Razor is made of high quality stainless steel. It is a very durable, long-lasting and reliable tool. The knife can be disinfected with disinfectants, sterilizers or autoclave. Due to its versatility, Aura Razor is suitable for hairdressers, barbers, stylists and beauticians. The package contains 5 replacement blades.

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