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Refectocil Brow Styling Strips 20 pairs+10 extra

Perfectly shaped brows in 2 minutes

Eyebrows are often trimmed with tweezers, which is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee a perfect finish. RefectoCil Brow Styling wax strips makes removing unwanted hair quick and easy. The unique and patented wax strips remove hair easily. The strips make it easy to find the optimal shape for eyebrows. Wax strips are suitable for any shape of brows. The strips also act as stencils when tinting the eyebrows, which prevents stains. One package is sufficient for 20 applications.

- Perfect brow shape in one step
- Guarantees good results
- Quick & easy application
- Suitable for any brow form
- Suited for men & women

Perfect results in just a few steps:
1. Separate the strips slowly. Now you have one for the right and one for the left eye.
2. The side with one dot goes on the inner edge of the brow, above the nostril. Always position the strips horizontally.
3. Press the strip on firmly and evenly, so that the wax grips the hairs.
4. When tinting at the same time the strips act as templates. Apply the desired RefectoCil tint as normal.
After the development time, remove the tint with a slightly moistened cotton wool pad. If the brows are tinted separately, it is imperative to tint before removing the hair to avoid irritation.
5. Stretch the skin at the outer edge of the eyebrow, and quickly pull the strip against the direction of hair growth, towards the nose.

Hair between and outside the brows can be removed with the additional strips.

Packing size: 20 pairs + 10 extra

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