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Chill Ed Plex Mini Intro Kit 2x150ml

2-step system that protects the hair from chemical processes

Chill Ed Plex Kit contains two products: Bond Amplifier and Bond Connector. They are designed to protect the hair from damage during chemical treatments and maintain the natural resilience and elasticity of the hair.

Step 1 (Chill Ed Plex Bond Connector): Use during any chemical process to create new bonds and at the same time protect the inner structure of the hair.

Step 2 (Chill Ed Plex Bond Amplifier): cross-binds and adds new bonds created with Bond Connector to the surface of the hair. Gives the hair new strength, protection, moisture, and nourishment, closes the hair cuticles leaving it smoother than before.

To be used with any chemical treatment. The package contains instructions on how to use the system when doing colour treatments (direct dyes, permanent dyes), keratin treatments and chemical straightening as well as colour removals.


Packing size: 150 ml + 150 ml

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KayPro Color Mask Intensive Treatment 300ml


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