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KC Professional KC Color Ultimate Permanent Hair Colour 60 ml

Intensive colour results

KC Color Ultimate is the ideal choice when you’re after immense colour changes and an intense colour level. Thanks to its high-quality composition, the KC Color Ultimate offers perfect coverage for all hair types. It also provides long-lasting, reliable and pure colouring result. Particularly well suited for situations where deep tone and maximum level of intensity are desired.

Extremely low ammonia content, which ensures a shiny, well-maintained hair with vibrant colour.

KC Color Mixer can be used alone or mixed with KC Color Ultimate or with KC Color Velvety.

- mixing ratio: 1:1, blonde 1:2
- development time: 30 min, blond shades 45 min
- contains ammonia: yes
- developer: 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%

Packing size: 60 ml

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