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Four Reasons Optima Total 60ml

Unfailing coverage

The Four Reasons Optima color product range has been developed based on hair stylists’ wishes, and it provides a wide selection of tones for professional use. This diverse color line is now complemented by the Optima Total range that is based on neutral color pigments and intense coverage. 

Optima Total, designed for roots touch-ups, is a color product with guaranteed 100% grey coverage. Coloring with the Optima Total range is exceptionally quick: the 10-minute processing time cuts the time needed for coloring and provides the hair stylist with an opportunity to offer additional services with good profit.

Working with the Optima Total color range is as easy as ABC; the carefully selected compact color selection and the lovely, luscious texture that is easy to apply make coloring smooth and fun. The Optima Total color range includes fermented green coffee beans with antioxidant polyphenols and caffeine that stimulate microcirculation in the scalp and promote the wellbeing of the scalp.

  • mixing ratio: 1:1
  • exposure time: 10 min
  • ammonia: yes
  • developer: Optima Total Activator 8 %


Packing size: 60 ml

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