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KC Professional Color Mask Art Direct Hair Colour 120ml

Color Mask Art - Be seen.

You don’t need permission to express yourself. Let yourself be seen – bravely, unapologetically. Be a work of art, finished by Color Mask Art.

Direct dye that ignites your world with colour – Color Mask Art Gemstones Collection is a collection of 11 jewel-like shades and a crystal-clear diluter that provides the tools for high quality, ultra-shiny direct dye results. The gel-based formula is easy to apply and the shades fade beautifully true-to-tone.

Color Mask Art’s first shade collection is called Gemstones Collection, and its name comes from colourful, glowing gems sparkling in the sunlight and reflecting light from their shiny surface. The Gemstones shades are much more than basic colours; imagine deep emeralds, bright topazes, seductive rubies and luxurious sapphires – the selection offers a full treasure chest of gorgeous alternatives to highlight your personality.

The Gemstones Collection includes four frosty, delicate pastel shades, four bold intensive shades and three neon shades that also glow under black UV light. You can adjust the intensity of each shade with the Clear Crystal diluter to your liking, and by mixing the shades together you can create a unique color that suits you perfectly. The entire product range is vegan, ammonia-free and perfume-free.

Packing size: 120 ml

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