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Kepro Tone Supreme set 10x60ml, color chart+activator

Conditioning Illuminating Color Gel

Demi-permanent gel colouring system with Acid pH. 0% Ammonia, MEA. Natural and fantasy colours fully respecting the natural base and hair fiber for conditioning and illuminating results. An exclusive formula enhanced with caviar extract and fermented radish root to:  Tone bleached or lightened hair; Revive and add reflects to cosmetic or natural colour; Cover the first greys; Respect natural colour without altering it;  Restore the natural pH of the hair; Smooth hair by sealing the cuticles. Does not contain gluten.

1. Mixing ratio: 1:1 with specific activator (E.g. 50g of colour + 50g activator). We recommend using the specific applicator bottle.

2. Application:  On wet hair, to enhance or revive shades. Application time from 5 to 20 minutes depending on hair porosity. On dry hair: to neutralise or intensify the desired shade. Application time 20 minutes.

3. Rinsing: Having reached the application time, rinse and wash with shampoo and Caviar Supreme post color conditioner.

Clear: Mixing ratio 1:1 with specific activator to illuminate shades. In mixture with all shades of the colour chart: to modulate the tone, dilute shade intensity and to customize the final result.

NOTE. Mix Tone Supreme Color Gel only and exclusively with the specific activator.

  • mixing ratio: 1:1
  • development time: 5–20 min
  • contains ammonia: no
  • developer: 6,5 vol 1,95 %

Packing size: 10 x 60 ml+1000 ml

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