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Kepro KayDirect 72-piece display

Intense direct colour

KayDirect Direct Colors has intense colour pigments. Safe toning without oxydants. All shades can be mixed together. Pleasant to apply with fresh fruity scent. A total of 72 tubes, each shade 4 tubes.

With rich, delicious shock colours you create vibrant and intense end-results.

For natural results. Suitable for toning, pigmentation or remove unwanted differences in shades.

For soft pastel shades, you will get the best results when level is 9-11.

Instructions for use: Kay Direct Intense is applied on dry hair, not on the scalp. It is not necessary to add water or oxidant emulsion. In case you need to obtain more brilliant and vibrant color it is necessary to bleach hair with KAYPRO bleaching powder up to the recommended level. APPLICATION: Wash hair with shampoo and dry it up completely. Section hair and saturate each section accurately, one by one. When the recommended setting time is up, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use any kind of shampoo. Now it is possible to proceed with the styling with KAYPRO styling products. It is recommended to avoid styling with hot styling tools such as hair iron right after the application of Kay Direct, in order to preserve colour appearance. Professional use only.

- size: 100 ml
- mixing ratio: ready for use
- development time: 20-40 min
- contains ammonia: no

Packing size: 72 pcs

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