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Cutrin Aurora Permanent Hair Colour 60 ml

A modern solution for hair colouring

CUTRIN AURORA is a modern solution for hair colouring. The gentle and nourishing shades are created for delicate Nordic hair providing tools for various types of colouring. The compact selection includes the favourite colours of Nordic customers and topical fashion shades. In addition, mixing colours allows an unlimited number of different shades. Create individual and trendy styles for your customers!

The innovative CUTRIN Color Radiance technology and natural active ingredients help protect the hair from damage during colouring. The hair stays in good condition and is easy to handle during the colour treatment. The result is an intense and evenly vibrant and natural colour.

- mixing ratio: 1: 1, lightening colours 1: 2
- development time: 30-45 min, lightening colours 45-60 min
- contains ammonia: yes
- developer: 3 %, 4.5 %, 6 %, 9 %, 12 %

Packing size: 60 ml

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