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Wella Shinefinity 60ml

Healthy shine and silky-smooth hair

Wella Professionals Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze offers shine, depth and contrast for up to 6 weeks. Intended for natural or treated hair. No-drip gel cream with zero mess or damage. To be used with Shinefinity Activator.

User instructions:

HOW TO APPLY: Wear suitable gloves. The mixture can be applied using an applicator bottle or bowl and brush. Apply SHINEFINITY to pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair evenly from roots to ends. Tip: For even more intensity, you can also apply the mixture directly on dry hair. 

DEVELOPMENT TIME: Without heat: up to 20 minutes. For more intense results, use added heat: 15 minutes. 

ROOT TREATMENT: On visible regrowth, apply to root area first for a soft blended result.

COLOUR BALANCING ON LENGTHS AND ENDS: For maximum refresh: Apply the colour to the mid lengths and ends and develop for the full development time. For minimum refresh: Comb the root colour through the mid length and ends after 15 min and develop for a further 5 min. Can be used on lengths and ends when using Koleston Perfect or Illumina Color on the roots if desired.

  • mixing ratio: 1: 1
  • development time: 15-20 min
  • contains ammonia: no
  • developer: 2 %
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