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B'Long PreBonds 45cm

PreBonds 45cm

Established in 2004, B'long is a Finnish brand of high-quality hair extension products. The product assortment includes a wide range of professional products for long-lasting extensions and an easy-to-use Multiway clip-extension.

All B'long products * are made from carefully selected 100% premium Remy human hair. Each hair has been attached precisely, with the root on top and end down. This prevents hair from tangling and the hair acts as natural hair. That way you can blow-dry, curl or straighten the extension just like your own hair.

With over 10 years of experience and development, B'long extensions are safe, comfortable to use and of high quality. The key to B'long's success is reliable, gentle and seamless application, as well as silky and long-lasting hair quality.

* Apart from the Multiway clip-extension, which is made from ordinary Remy hair.

- 100% Remy human hair
- 20 bonds per package
- extremely long-lasting SuperBond
- length 45 cm
- suitable for full head extensions, hair thickening and highlights

Average need
- 80-160 pcs (4-8 packages) for full head extension
- 20-80 pcs (1-4 packages) for hair thickening

45 cm: hair weight about 22 g.

The benefits of pre-bonded hair
- natural end-result
- bonds can be cut into up to 3 pieces, giving invisible end-results in e.g. the neck and hairline
- a properly done and maintained prebond extension can last up to 3-6 months

Packing size: 20 pcs/pkg

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