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B'long PRO Tapehair 50cm

Tape extensions that can be dyed

B'long is a Finnish brand of high-quality hair extension products, launched in 2004. Product sortiment includes a wide range of professional products for long-lasting extensions and an easy-to-use, Multiway clip-extension.

All B'long products * are made from carefully selected 100% premium Remy human hair. Each hair has been attached precisely, root being on top and end down. This prevents hair from tangling and hair acts as natural hair - so you can blow-dry, curl or straighten like your own hair.

With over 10 years of experience and development, B'long extension are safe, comfortable to use and high quality. Key to B'long's success secrets are reliable, gentle and seamless appliation, as well as silky and long-lasting hair quality.

* except Multiway clip-extension which is made from ordinary Remy hair.

High quality and almost untreated Virgin Hair, available in 10 different shades. The hair can be dyed to perfectly match the customer's own shade, allowing the extension to be tailored to the customer's needs.

The package contains 45g of hair, 1 pkg is recommended for hair thickening and 2 pkg for full head extension. B'long Hair Care is recommended for the after-care.

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