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TopFiber TopFiber Hair Fiber Sprayer

Electronic Hair Fiber Sprayer

The TopFiber hair building fibre is 100% made in Finland. It's made from natural keratin fibre, the same protein that makes up our natural hair. TopFiber adds volume and fullness to hair and helps cover up the scalp. Thousands of tiny protein fibres adhere statically to the hair.

To lock the product in, use the special quick drying TopFiber hair fiberhold spray. With TopFiber your hair looks completely natural and authentic.

TopFiber hair building fiber is available in eight tones – the darker the tone, the better the coverage. Two package sizes: Regular 15 g and large 28 g.

This quality product is easy to use and is available for both professional and home use.

Easy to use
1. Dry and style hair as usual.
2. Shake or spray TopFiber into the thinning area. Use the Electronic Hair Fiber Sprayer for best result.
3. Gently pat the hair to disperse the fibers.
4. If desired, lightly comb, brush or style your hair after applying the fibers.
5. Use TopFiber Hair Spray to achieve even longer lasting result and extra shine.

The TopFiber Hair Fiber Sprayer is a quality product made in Finland. It is intended for professional use, but as it’s so easy to use, it is equally suitable for consumers. The TopFiber Hair Fiber Sprayer is ergonomically designed for quick and easy use. The TopFiber Hair Fiber Sprayer is compatible with all TopFiber products and the spray canister is easy to change. In addition, adjusting the speed and intensity is extremely easy. Anyone can use the Hair Fiber Sprayer, it's that simple!

Packing size: 1 pcs

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