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ECI Hand sanitizer wipes 150pcs

Single-use disinfecting wipes for surfaces and hands

A pandemic favourite! These disinfecting wipes clean hands and surfaces of bacteria without the need for water and soap. Can also be used for removing colour stains from skin. Dry quickly and do not leave surfaces damp. Effective against different microbes, kill up to 99,9% of all microbes. Contain 75% alcohol, glycerine, citric acid, panthenol and vitamin E. Wipe your hands and surfaces thoroughly and let dry. Close the container after each use.

Can be used for:
• Hands, to prevent spreading microbes via your hands
• Surfaces incl. work surfaces, tools, tables, door handles, chairs, shelves, kitchen surfaces, microwave ovens, taps, bathroom surfaces

Packing size: 150 pcs

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