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Advanced Formulations+20 dayz Stay safe 2 (M-mask)

Package containing face mask, hand sanitizer display and foam hand sanitizer

Comfortable face mask intended for long-time use

20 dayz is a washable, elegant fabric face mask designed to fit the user’s face perfectly and intended for long-time use. It is light, breathable and skin-friendly and extremely soft and comfortable. It has a waterproof polyester fabric on the outside and an odour-preventing poly aero silver coating on the inside. The mask preserves its effectiveness up to 90% even after using for more than 20 days. Protect yourself and others and look elegant in this washable fabric face mask.

Tired of hand sanitizers that make your hands dry, sore and sticky?

Good hand hygiene requires frequent use of hand sanitizer throughout the day. Alcohol is the most common and cheapest raw material in hand sanitizers. Sanitizers that contain alcohol dry out the skin, and dry and cracked skin increases the risk of microbes entering the body. NO-GERMS™ does not contain alcohol and does not dry out or irritate the skin. NO-GERMS™ moisturizes and disinfects your hands at the same time.

The STAY SAFE package includes:
• 1 piece 20DAYZ mask (size: M)
• 1 piece NO-GERMS spray 25 ml x 24 pcs display
• 6 pcs NO-GERMS foam 210 ml

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