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Hygiene Set with a Stand

Hygiene Set with a Stand

Disinfection stand

The pedestal hand disinfectant stand encourages your customers to be hygienic when they arrive at your salon. The stand can be easily moved. That stand contains spots for up to a one liter hand disinfectant bottle (ø 8 cm) and a face mask box. The stand is 4-legged leg and sturdy .

  • rack section width 14 x length 37 cm
  • leg section width 36 x length 36 cm
  • rack height 93 cm

Disposable protective mask for daily use

Disposable masks have a 3-layer structure and are made of a comfortable material. The mask is adjustable with a metal wire over the nose.

Advanced Formulations No-Germs hand sanitizer foam NO-GERMS ™ your hands does not contain alcohol - so it does not dry out or irritate the skin. The product moisturizes the hands each time while at the same time disinfecting them. The active ingredient in this product is Chlorhexidine Cluconate. It is used in e.g. antiseptic skin creams and to disinfect the skin before surgery. NO-GERMS ™ is long-acting - the action time is 2-4 hours on the surface of the skin. The product does is not sticky. NO-GERMS ™ hand disinfectant is unscented and vegan. A practical and ample pump bottle.

The set includes:

  • Disinfection rack
  • Advanced Formulations No-Germs hand sanitizer foam 210ml x 6 pcs
  • Disposable protective mask 50pcs / box x 1 box
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No-Germs hand sanitizer spray 24x25ml display


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