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Areson No-Germs Campaign package, Table stand

The table-top manual disinfection machine goes into a small space

Support the well-being of children! By purchasing the campaign package and reselling No-Germs disinfectant, you are supporting Save the Children's Association. 50 cents will be donated from each NO-GERMS spray bottle to Save the Children.

Save the Children Finland is a non-governmental organization founded in 1922, which is not politically or religiously committed, and which supports children living in difficult conditions in particular and strives to promote children's rights both in Finland as well as around the world.

Is there a manual disinfection machine in your shop?

With the high-quality Areson hand-held disinfection machine, you can ensure that your customer disinfects their hands as they enter the door of your shop. The device has a one-liter tank into which you can easily fill No-Germs disinfectant. This is enough for about 2,000 single uses. The dosing works with the Infrared motion sensor, so the dosing does not require contact with the device. The Areso manual disinfection machine is available in both table as well as floor models.

Areson disinfectant dispensing machine:

  • dispenses automatically
  • 1 l tank
  • 2000 single uses of disinfectant
  • works with 3 C batteries (batteries not included)
  • the device can also be connected to a power supply

Floor model:

  • sturdy and high quality stand
  • aluminum arm
  • height 140 cm

Dimensions of the table model: W 11.5 x H44 x S11 cm

NO-GERMS kills 99.9% of known microbes such as MRSA, e.coli, avian influenza (H5N1), swine flu (H1N1) and norovirus.

  • the disinfectant doesn’t contain alcohol - so it doesn’t dry out or irritate your skin.
  • includes e.g. aloe vera, chamomile, lavender.
  • long-acting - protection time 2-4 hours on skin surface. The product is not sticky.
  • unscented and vegan.
  • The 25 ml compact package easily fits in a pocket, a handbag or a hand luggage. Does not contain aerosols.
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