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Ultra Pure Sterilizer

Cleans even the smallest objects

The Ultra Pure Sterilizer uses ultrasound to clean every detail of even small objects. Ideal for hair salons, beauty salons, piercing and tattoo shops. The device is easy, efficient and safe to use. The objects are placed on the grate of the container under the lid and the ultrasonic process is initiated.

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on strong cavitation caused by ultrasound. The microscopic small cavitation bubbles created on the surface of the object to be cleaned produce strong pressure shocks that effectively remove any impurities and do not damage the object itself. The item can be rubber, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic and also electronics. Ultrasonic removes dirt, grease and other impurities from otherwise unreachable places such as bores, cavities and channels.

- container size 22 x 10,5 x 6,5 cm
- device size 26,2 x 16,8 x 15,6 cm
- fast processing time of 1-3 minutes
- timer
- 12-month warranty

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