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Ilu Sponges Mini and Large 2pcs

Two different size makeup sponges

There is no better way to start the day than perfectly done makeup! If great coverage and flawless makeup finish is what you’re after, look no further. ilū MAKEUP SPONGES are here to save the day. Here’s a Collection of perfect little gadgets for applying cream and liquid foundations and concealers. The sponges are made of extremely soft, durable, easy to clean, latex-free material. The mini size is perfect for concealer application and for applying your favorite foundation in hard to reach areas.

Reasons to fall in love with ilū Makeup Sponge: 

  • Perfectly shaped
  • Flexible and soft
  • Adapts to the shape of the face
  • Latex free
  • Does not absorb lots of product
  • Flawless finish without smudges
  • Long lasting

Replace your ilū Makeup Sponge after 1-3 months.

Packing size: 2 pcs

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