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20dayz Face mask black

Comfortable face mask intended for long-time use

20 dayz is a washable, elegant fabric face mask designed to fit the user’s face perfectly and intended for long-time use. It is light, breathable and skin-friendly and extremely soft and comfortable. It has a waterproof polyester fabric on the outside and an odour-preventing poly aero silver coating on the inside. The mask preserves its effectiveness up to 90% even after using for more than 20 days. Protect yourself and others and look elegant in this washable fabric face mask.

- 99.9% antibacterial
- 90% effectiveness even after 20 days of use
- nano silver coating on the inside
- prevents odour
- comfortable to wear
- thin 3D design for a perfect fit
- can be used all day
- certified and patented


- With clean hands, put the face mask on with the seamless side upwards.
- Can be re-used.
- Wash the face mask purely with tap water every day. Machine washing and use of detergent will reduce the effectiveness of the coating.
- Store the face mask in a clean place, for example in a sealable minigrip bag.
- Available in three sizes: S, M and L.

Packing size: 1 pcs

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