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Kepro KayPro Tecni-Sleek Straightening Kit

Straightening Kit - trial package

Complete disposable Professional Straightening Protocol Kit, 100% FORMALDEHYDE-FREE. The special technology with Glyoxylic Acid and Keratin straightens the hair, effectively combating frizz and split ends. The straightened hair is thus restructured, elastic, toned and bright. Easy and safe to apply. Ideal for all types of hair.

Total time required: approx. 2 hours.
Duration of Straightening Treatment: 8-10 weeks.

The kit contains:
- 20 ml sachet of step 1 Preparatory Shampoo
- 100 ml jar of Straightening Cream
- 20 ml sachet of step 3 Mask
- 20 ml sachet of Disciplining Shampoo for maintenance
- Brush
- Disposable gloves
- Information sheet

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