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Carefully planned product range helps you succeed

Only the best and most effective products are selected for our hairmail product range. We've made a preselection to make it easy for you to do your daily work. The hairmail range covers the most popular products from well-known brands. It is often worth focusing and keeping only the most desirable products in the product line. This is something we encourage all hairdressers to consider. We recommend you to customize the selection to suit your needs. Think about who you are, what kind of customers you have, what you want from your business, and what values ​​you want to cherish.

Professional buying into entrepreneurship

Purchase batch pricing has been created to give you the opportunity to make profitable business. You can always buy products one-by-one but buying batches saves you time and money. Purchase batches are designed with careful consideration and customer feedback for the needs of a 1-2 person salon.

Reasonable purchase batches also rationalize the time it takes to make purchases. This not only saves on purchase prices, but also saves you time on ordering, unloading, shelving and paying bills. So your savings are really multiplied!

It's a good idea to make professional purchase behavior a part of your daily routine as a beauty salon entrepreneur - you can get more profit from your work.

Well-known brands in the most economical way

Thanks to the experience gained over the period of +20 years, purchases at hairmail are done professionally and always using the most economical channel. Hairmail purchases through a Europe-wide network. We pass on the price advantage directly for the benefit of our customers. In compliance with product safety and regulatory requirements, hairmail always guarantees its customers high quality and safe products.

Partnering with an expert company guarantees you;

• even lower prices

• the best of the best: carefully considered, tested and researched product range

• fast and reliable delivery

• security: products are eligible for exchange and return

• maintenance service of electrical equipment, sharpening of scissors and spare parts service





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