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Hairmail - Wizard of Hair

A vision that grew into something bigger

In 1993, when Finland was in a deep recession, father of three, Asko Toivola, founded hairmail in the back room of his garage in Helsinki. The beginning was very modest: two phones obtained from the recycling centre and a grid notebook. More importantly, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. That same passion lives on three decades later. 


Wizard of Hair

Hairmail always strives to renew itself and adapt to the current market situation. Fast changes trigger our will to achieve something new and at the same time help the hair industry forward. We typically do this through changes to the product range, which is done swiftly and through alternative purchasing channels. That way we can offer our customers the most current product range at the best price possible. Our goal is to look where others don’t look and seek where others don’t think of seeking. We are Wizard of Hair.


Safe brands using the most favourable channels

Only the best and most functional products have been chosen for hairmail’s product range. We have made the choice for you, to make your daily work easier. Our product range consists of the most popular products from well-known brands. 

Our many years of experience and expertise and our European network of partners enable us to purchase products through the most favourable channels. The price advantage is transferred straight to our customers. We ensure product safety and follow laws and regulations in order to always offer our customers the best and safest products.


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