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Responsibility is Caring

Hairmail is committed to implementing the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. In our operations we recognize the principles of responsible business conduct regarding the environment, society, customers, employees and partners. Responsibility begins with everyone's own choices.


Environmental responsibility

At hairmail, we want to operate in an environmentally sustainable way and cause as little carbon footprint as possible during our operations. We take into account the environment by recycling the waste, using renewable energy, designing the product range and purchases, providing service for electrical appliances, scissors sharpening service and implementing responsible marketing.

Product range

We strive both to order products from the manufacturer and to distribute them to hairdressers in optimal wholesale batches. This reduces logistics load at many different stages and thus saves our planet. Pricing is also built to support this ecological thinking.

In our product range, we focus on good quality and durability, and we give our products warranty. We invest in the longevity of our products and we take care of the availability of spare parts and maintenance.

Product choices can influence your own ecological footprint. In the hairmail product range you will find products that support sustainable development. Some examples include:

• Hairmail Care Angel Bleach Lightening Powder Refill Packs are an ecological way of doing things. Filling the jar with a refill you save nature, and also your purse.

• Kepro SuperKay Cream Permanent hair colour is packaged in a 180 ml tube. This means significantly less metal waste compared to metal waste standard 60 ml tubes.

• Kepro KayPro1000 ml retail sizes lessens waste on a consumer level.

Electrical appliance service and spare parts

Instead of buying a new electrical appliance, the old appliance can often be fixed. Maintenance of electrical equipment extends the life of the machine and reduces your carbon footprint. From the very beginning hairmail has had electrical equipment service - today Teräx, with whom we have worked closely for years. Spare parts for hair clippers and trimmers are also available.

Sharpening of scissors

Sharpening the scissors will extend the life of your most important tool. Hairmail has always provided a sharpening service for scissors - hairmail partner Teräx sharpens scissors with over 18 years of experience.

Electronic invoicing

We are saving the environment by switching to electronic invoicing. In addition to the environmental benefits, electronic invoicing makes it more efficient to run your business and free up resources for your customer service. We will send our invoices primarily via email.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hairmail's values for charity; democracy, equality and increasing human capital increases the overall well-being of communities in a sustainable way. We believe in increasing people's knowledge and skills, and increasing participation opportunities in society as a whole. We promote globally the development of a more sustainable economic system. For this reason we want to highlight charity projects in particular empowerment of women and girls and people with disabilities.

Customer Responsibility

We are genuinely interested in how you are doing and how is your business succeeding. We want to help you grow your business. Personal customer service brings the know-how of hairmail to your advantage.





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